Culinary Art Degree Program Rankings

Culinary Art Degree Program Rankings

If you love food and enjoy the act of preparing it, then a culinary arts degree can help you pursue a career in the culinary or hospitality industry. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), chefs and head cooks were two of the highest-paid occupations in 2016; they earned an average annual salary of $45,280. But like anything else, there are many different types of culinary degrees out there. So how do you choose one that will lead to job satisfaction? That’s where we come in! We’ve ranked all types of culinary art degree programs based on their popularity (as measured by the number of graduates).

Culinary Arts Program Rankings

Culinary arts degree programs, which teach students how to cook and prepare food, are available at all levels. The most common culinary arts degrees are associate’s and bachelor’s degrees; however, some schools offer master’s or doctoral degrees in the field as well.

If you’re interested in enrolling in a culinary school program but aren’t sure where to start looking for one, check out our ranking of The Best Culinary Arts Schools! We’ve also created rankings for other types of culinary schools.

Baking and Pastry at Culinary Arts Program

Culinary Arts Programs in the Top 5:

  • The Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park, New York)
  • Le Cordon Bleu (Paris)
  • Johnson & Wales University (Charlotte, North Carolina)
  • Programs in the top 100
  • The Art Institute of California – Los Angeles / Pasadena / San Diego / San Francisco Bay Area campuses; Culinary Arts program only

Restaurant Management Culinary Arts Degree

The top 5 ranked schools are:

  • New York University (NYU)
  • Boston University (BU)
  • Cornell University (CU)
  • The University of California Davis (UC Davis)
  • Johnson & Wales University – Providence, RI

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A Culinary Arts Degree Can Lead to a Rewarding Career

A culinary Art degree can lead to a rewarding career in the food service industry. Culinary schools offer courses that give students a thorough understanding of how to prepare and cook food. Students learn to prepare foods safely, but they also learn how to make food taste delicious and look appealing as well. Culinary programs also teach students how to manage a kitchen or dining area effectively, which means they’ll be able to supervise others who work under them while making sure everyone follows proper safety procedures.

While there are many different types of culinary degrees available at colleges throughout North America including associate’s degrees as well as bachelor’s and master’s programs the most common type of culinary education program is an associate degree program at an accredited community college or technical school (sometimes called “culinary arts” school). These two-year programs combine classroom learning with hands-on experience working in professional kitchens under the supervision of experienced chefs who serve as teachers during classes held on campus or off-site locations such as restaurants or hotels where students may intern during breaks between semesters.


We hope you’ve found this list of culinary degree program rankings helpful. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the food service industry, we recommend that you research schools with strong programs and then apply for admission.